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LLM Fine-Tuning Workshop

Free Training Workshop for Software Developers

Build Powerful Generative AI Applications Faster than Ever Before

Generate synthetic fine-tuning data using ChatGPT and speed up fine-tuning even more by selectively and efficiently training fewer parameters within these LLMs while still producing great results.


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AI Superstar Training

For Software Developers, Engineers, & Scientists

Unleash the Power of AI to 10X Your AI Development Skills 

Harness the power of AI to help you write fast beautiful code with fewer bugs. Eliminate boring work while you free up your time to work on what's exciting.



PyTorch Pocket Reference

  • Learn basic PyTorch syntax and design patterns
  • Create custom models and data transforms
  • Train and deploy models using a GPU and TPU
  • Train and test a deep learning classifier
  • Accelerate training using optimization and distributed training
  • Access useful PyTorch libraries and the PyTorch ecosystem
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Fundamentals of Deep Learning

  • Learn the mathematics behind machine learning jargon
  • Build neural networks that analyze complex images
  • Effective dimensionality reduction using autoencoders
  • Dive deep into sequence analysis to examine language
  • Interpret complex machine learning models
  • Theoretical & practical knowledge on generative modeling
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