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TruVersity presents

AI Your Business™

Adventure Workshop

March 13-15, 2024
Zermatt Resort & Spa, Utah

Small Business Owners, Unlock the Power of AI.

If you're not integrating Artificial Intelligence into your business, you are falling behind. Learn how you can implement low-cost, easy-to-use AI technology in all areas of your business, from sales and marketing to recruiting and operations. During this 3-Day event, you'll discover the fast path to increase your cash flow, scale your profits, and exit at higher multiples.

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From Professional Services to Real Estate

For Business Owners and Entrepreneurs Who Want to Scale to $2M to $10M or more

A clear vision. More free time. Less stress.
After attending this workshop, you'll understand exactly how AI can help your business grow, and you'll create a simple plan to implement AI - one step at a time. We understand the challenges of growing a small business. Learn how to work less and achieve more. We'll show you how AI can help you deal with employees, manage cashflow, get a better ROI on marketing, and recruit A+ teams. Increase customer satisfaction, convert more sales, lower customer acquisition costs, and more with AI. 
  • Real Estate Investors and Agencies
  • HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical Services
  • Business Consultants & Coaches
  • Accountants & Financial Services
  • Attorneys & Legal Practices
  • Doctors & Health Professionals
  • E-commerce and Retail Stores
  • Marketing & Advertising Agencies
  • Construction and Remodeling Companies
  • Restaurants & Food Service 
  • Professional Services, and more
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Accelerate Growth Across the Board

Save time with automation and achieve new heights in all facets of business with AI.


Leverage AI-driven analytics to hyper-target your marketing efforts, enabling personalized campaigns that resonate deeply with each segment of your audience. Experience exponential growth in engagement and conversion rates with minimal effort.


Transform your sales processes with AI-powered insights and automation, ensuring precision targeting and streamlined lead nurturing. Watch as your sales cycles shorten and conversion rates soar, scaling your revenue at an unprecedented pace.


Revolutionize your operational efficiency, automate routine tasks and optimize workflows. This not only scales your operational capacity rapidly but also ensures consistency and quality, freeing up valuable resources for strategic growth.


Streamline candidate sourcing, automate screening, and enhance decision-making. Not only does this accelerate your hiring cycle, but it also ensures a better fit and quality, freeing up valuable time for strategic talent management and growth initiatives.

Workshop Agenda

 Understanding AI

  • Registration and Welcome
  • High-level view of business
  • Identifying problems and opportunities
  • Understanding AI and Data
  • 2024's greatest AI opportunities
  • Networking session
  • How AI works
  • Advanced ChatGPT and other chatbots
  • Scaling operations with AI

Implementing AI

  • Introduction
  • Scaling Sales with AI
  • Scaling Marketing with AI
  • 6 Levels of Implementation
  • Processes, Systems & Data, and People
  • Implementing AI in your business
  • Custom software
  • Maximizing ROI
  • Achieving clarity and focus
  • Avoiding overwhelm
  • VIP Dinner


VIP & Platinum Only

  • VIP Workshop: Implementing AI
  • VIP Hot Seats
  • Platinum Networking Event
  • Platinum Snow and Ski Adventure Experience Sponsored by MtnFlo

At TruVersity, we combine cutting-edge AI knowledge with best practices for small business owners. Our unique approach empowers your business to embrace AI seamlessly, ensuring you stay ahead in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

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Zermatt Resort and Spa

Take in the pure mountain air during this Adventure Workshop. Just minutes from Park City, Midway is a beautiful Utah town with plenty to see and do year-round. At the scenic Wasatch Mountain State Park, you’ll find golf courses and activities like fishing, hiking, and mountain biking. During the winter, you can walk through an enormous ice castle and catch a mesmerizing fire show right in Midway.

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  • 2-Day Workshop Access
  • Swag Bag
  • Personalized Workbook
  • AI Business Mastery (20+ Online AI Courses FREE $2,000 Value)
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  • 2-Day Workshop Access
  • Swag Bag
  • Personalized Workbook
  • AI Business Mastery (20+ Online AI Courses FREE $2,000 Value)
  • FREE VIP Ticket for Partner or Team Member
  • VIP seating
  • Exclusive VIP Dinner 
  • Private VIP Workshop (Day 3)



Top features

  • 2-Day Workshop Access
  • Swag Bag
  • Personalized Workbook
  • AI Business Mastery (20+ Online AI Courses FREE $2,000 Value)
  • FREE Platinum Ticket for Partner or Team Member
  • VIP seating
  • Exclusive VIP Dinner 
  • Private VIP Workshop (Day 3)
  • 1-on-1 Consulting Session
  • Platinum Networking Event
  • Snow and Ski Adventure Experience Sponsored by MtnFlo

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Your Hosts for this Event

The Opus and Golds Group

The OG Group is the brainchild of two siblings, Chuck and Dana. They both bring a wealth of experience and a passion for holistic business growth. Chuck already has 25 years in the service industry.

During this time, he focused on scaling his garage startup, All Hours Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling, from a one-man operation to $11 million in sales within eight years, serving as the bedrock of their expertise.  With her extensive background in corporate retail, and the ad agency world, Dana joined forces with Chuck to steer All Hours to a phenomenal $18+ million in under four years!

TruVersity CEO & Lead Instructor

Joe Papa

AI & Business Scaling Expert

As an engineer, Joe developed AI technology for Fortune 500 companies and led R&D projects at Bell Labs, Booz Allen, and the US Army. He's served as CEO of four startups and provided corporate training and business consulting for major franchises. As franchise owner and area developer, Joe expanded the territory to over 12 locations in less than 3 years. Joe is a sought-after speaker and author on business and AI and has published three books with O'Reilly Media. He's taught over 30,000 adults in AI strategy and technology worldwide.


Mike McDonough


"If you are looking to expand your business, unlock bottom-line growth, and scale your marketing, my recommendation is you attend this workshop offered by Joe. This is the solution to building your wealth."

Ray Reyes


"Joe is one of the smartest guys I know in AI. If you're wondering how to navigate this new AI world, you have to attend their intensive training workshops!"

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